How we do shipping

We always love making our packages ready for shipment. But shipping comes with an inevitable environmental cost. How do we minimise the impact of our shipments to the environment?

Reusable packaging - open carefully!

Your order will be shipped in a reusable bikini bag made from old or broken kites. Make sure to open your package carefully. Only take off or cut away the tape. This way, you can reuse your packaging as a bag for your wet bikini after surfing!

Pickup points versus at-home delivery

Did you know that if you all home deliveries would shift to delivery at pick-up points, this would result in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 33%? (TNO, 2020) That is why we decided to offer delivery at pick-up points for FREE.

In our case, we always drop off our packages by bicycle, longboard or foot. This means that the environmental cost of dropping off our packages comes mostly from us breathing on our way to the parcel shop.

How did you pick up your order?

bikini orders recycled packaging on bicycle

Source: TNO, 2020