Ethical swimwear explained

Ethical swimwear explained

The fashion industry struggles with unethical practices inside its supply chain. The infamous "fast fashion" business model relies on economies of scale and low cost of labour to offer very low consumer prices. This is unethical because the labour costs are too low. Furthermore, the (low quality) overproduction to accomplish economies of scale exhausts natural resources and results in tonnes of waste because of unsold, returned or quickly discarded goods.

Ethical production

We offer sustainable swimwear at a fair price. The Chapter I collection is produced by King Trading on Bali. They have taken the following measures to ensure a healthy, ethical work environment:

  • Cost of insurance is paid for each & every employee, including their spouse & up to three children. This extends to doctors visits, medical supplies & stays in hospital & is one of our largest costs per month.
  • All employees are paid at least double the minimum wage, they receive one extra month’s salary per year (13 in total) after working at the company for one year
  • At lunch, a freshly cooked meal is cooked for every employee.
  • Every morning a glass of fresh juice with Vitamin C, D, B & added is provided
  • Overtime is never compulsory. If available, they have the right to refuse or accept as they see fit.
  • In case of overtime, the company pays double the normal hourly rate for the first 1.5 hours & triple for additional hours worked
  • The facility is fully air-conditioned & on par with any Western establishment.

Because the company follows all the Manpower Government Regulations - such as overtime payments, holidays, waste management and more - it is awarded the only tax-free licence in Bali on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing.