Kitesurf & windsurf bikinis for women with style

Kitesurf & windsurf bikinis for women with style

Sustainable, sexy, comfortable. No more compromises.

Shake Your Wave swimwear & surfwear is designed for women who want to go kitesurfing or windsurfing in a stylish bikini without having to worry about it staying in place, ugly tan lines or its impact on the environment. Our promise to you: no more compromises.
Being kitesurfers & windsurfers ourselves, we have been struggling to find the perfect bikini for years. After many conversations with other female kitesurfers & windsurfers we realised we were not the only ones. So we decided to start our own line.
These are our main criteria for the perfect bikini for kitesurfing & windsurfing:
  • Stylish: feminine & sexy
  • Suitable for sunbathing
  • Comfortable under a wetsuit & harness
  • Needs to stay in place when crashing
  • Made from sustainable fabric
Read how we ticked the boxes.

Adding sexy to surf

You want to look good on your action pictures. You want to look good when you get off the water for a break. You deserve to look good.
We make sure you look feminine, sexy and strong. No need to change your bikini anymore when you want to go sunbathing. Our bikinis have a fashionable design and are made in on-trend colours.
"A surf bikini that is feminine! Everything needs to be on camera nowadays. I want to look good on action photos and videos." Esther Dijkstra, kitesurfer.

Esther Dijkstra girl in shake your wave kitesurf bikini with brunotti directional board


Seams can irritate the skin and leave marks. Furthermore, it will lose its stretch more quickly. When surfing in your bikini, you don't want to feel the wind blowing through your bikini bottom. Therefore, our bikinis are seamless. They offer full comfort and flexibility.

Less is more

No drawstrings that could get stuck in your lines or harness. No unnecessary accessories. Just a sexy, stylish design.


When trying new tricks the thing we were most most afraid was not the crash itself, but whether we would be with or without bikini after the crash. We were so nice to test them for you.
"When I crashed and got dragged along, my bikini stayed in place perfectly! I didn't even feel the need to check it" Lynn van Geest, kitesurfer.
Lynn van Geest girl in Shake Your Wave kitesurf bikini

Sustainable is the new sexy

Our bikinis are made from REPREVE, a fabric created from recycled plastic. The matching scrunchies are made from the pieces of fabric left after manufacturing the bikinis. This way, nothing goes to waste. Our packaging is made from old kites. We are always thinking of ways to make our business more sustainable. Tips or ideas? Let us know.
"When kitesurfing or windsurfing you are very close to nature. Therefore, I feel a high responsibility to preserve it." Lisette Schoots, co-founder.
Lisette Schoots, girl and co-founder Shake Your Wave kitesurf bikini
Ready to score your own kitesurfing or windsurfing bikini? ;)