Chamber of Commerce registration of Shake Your Wave

We're officially registered!

A good way to finish off a turbulent year: on the last day of 2020 we registered our company at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

We have always had the dream of building something together to do more for the ocean and those living for it. On a kitesurf weekend in Zeeland - the south of The Netherlands - in a cold but sunny November in 2019 we started an Instagram account account together: @shakeyourwave. The goal was to show the beauty of oceans, share our experiences, but most importantly: create awareness for the environmental issues that endanger our beloved oceans. Our aim was to do this with a positive approach: not only sharing all the things that us humans are doing wrong, but also sharing successes and tips on how to improve your lifestyle and live in a more sustainable manner.

Our first post

New year, new challenge

This year it's time for the next step. With some spare time in the weekends and during the Christmas holidays, we were able to prepare and schedule a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to start a new adventure: our own #swimwear line! Our aim is to create swimwear that is comfortable to wear (with our without a wetsuit) but still makes you look stylish and sexy both on the water and onshore.

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